Silver Icing Clothing

Contact: Jennifer Hahn Email: Cell: 7807157031 Website: Facebook: Canadian Opportunity Only at the moment. Silver Icing Clothing is an online Shop unlike any other. We have amazing clothes that are both chic AND comfy. Our regular retail prices are amazing but we also offer weekly presales so you can get access to the latest styles before they launch, secure your size and get it at a discounted price! Earn Free Clothing with a Pop Up Shop: Silver Icing Pop-Up Shops are basically like a book party but online. I do all of the work, you basically invite your friends to the online FB event and encourage them to shop. You will get free product and other discounts based on sales. For a $100-$300 party, you get 15% in credits for free stuff, and a 1/2 price item. For a $300 plus party, you get 20% in credits for free stuff, and a 1/2 price item for every $200 in sales. A pop-up shop is a great way to try our clothing out for free! Shipping: Canada - $6.99 or free with an order over $100 USA - $9.99 (customer pays any duties) Outside Canada/USA: $14.99 (customer pays any duties) PRODUCTS Women's Clothing from XS - 3XL Athletic Wear Dresses Leggings Tunics Shoes Hand Bags/Purses Tank Tops Accessories You can sign up for $75 and here are the benefits you will get: -$100 gift card that can be used on the Silver Icing Clothing website for yourself or used as a promotional gift card. -Facebook page -Website for sales -Training -Commissions on all sales -Other Discounts and Benefits with certain sales targets -No Monthly Fees -Quota of $600 in 6 rolling months COST TO JOIN: $75 YEAR COMPANY LAUNCHED: 2014 MONTHLY MINIMUMS: $100 NO CATALOGS - EVERYTHING IS ONLINE There used to be a $14.99/month fee for upkeep of your FB Page/Website, but it is not being charged any more!! Another reason to love Silver Icing! They also take care of payments, so you don't need to pay any CC fees. It is literally a $75 start-up fee and then pretty much nothing else in fees. Silver Icing Clothing manages your Facebook page with you and posts all Presales on your behalf. You do not have to worry about posting them to your Page. We encourage you to post other images etc. in addition to the presales but we have a full training document on how to handle your social media account. Your commission is 20% of your monthly sales, which will be direct deposited into your bank account. There is a minimum amount for deposit (I believe it is $25) and it will roll over to the next month’s commission if below. In order to stay a stylist, you need to sell $600 in product in a rolling 6 months. If you don't, you will be inactivated as a stylist. There is a $250/month requirement to be an "Active Stylist" which means that if you have $250 in sales the month before, you get the following the next month. -25% Sample Discount -Downline commissions (5% of anyone you sign up under you) -1/2 price items for every $200 in sales (ie $400 in sales for the month gets you two 50% off items which can be used the next month). *if you don't get $250 in sales for the month, you will be considered a "down but not out stylist" which means you won't get the above benefits, but will still get your 20% commission on sales. If you bring people in below you, they will be part of your team and you will get 5% of their sales, as long as you are considered an active stylist. Downline commission goes down one level only. Silver Icing Clothing has a full backend office, training and support. Silver Icing Clothing handles everything from shipping, to returns. Once the order is placed it comes directly to head office and you don’t need to worry about it from there. There is a Facebook group just for Stylists that is an amazing place to get tips, ask questions and receive amazing support. If you decided to sign up you would be completely setup within 48 business hours and able to start making commission immediately after. There is no fee to cancel and you can choose to end the stylist arrangement at any time. Worst case scenario, you don’t feel like it’s the right direction for you and you cancel on your 6th month. All that it will have cost you is $75 for a $100 gift card and whatever time you put into promoting your business. Can you earn your kit? No Can you earn trips, vehicles, vacations, etc? No Are websites offered? Yes Can customers order online? Yes Are there any advertising restrictions? Yes. Approval from Corporate office required for any advertisements which are outside of company standards.
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