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Origami Owl

Origami Owl

Contact: Aimee Johnson


Phone/Cell: 573-202-0942



{Our Signature Jewelry Line}

It’s been said that Living Lockets are the latest trend in jewelry; but the truth is, they’re so much more than that! Living Lockets are an extension of YOU – because each and every piece is custom designed to tell a story of your life and what’s important to you.

Origami OWl

Build your Living Locket in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Select the CHARMS that tell your story or represent things you love
Step 2: Choose a LOCKET
Step 3: Choose a CHAIN
Step 4: Add a hand-stamped metal PLATE
Step 5: Add a DANGLE (or two!)

Every locket tells a story…what’s yours?

Origami Owl


  • Stainless Steel Lockets
  • Hand Painted Charms
  • Sterling Silver CORE Collection
  • In{script}ions Line of Customizable Jewelry
  • …and MORE!

Origami Owl


  • 30-50% Commission on Products!
  • 9-15% for Team Overrides!

Origami Owl


Basic Kit starts at $149 (Larger Kits Available!)

Company launched in 2012

No monthly minimums, but must maintain a minimum of $250 Personal Volume in a rolling 6-months to remain active.

Orgami Owl


Main Catalogs in Spring and Fall, PLUS Supplement items for holidays and season.


$149 Kit Includes:
(5 complete locket looks)

75 Pieces of Jewelry:

  • 54 Charms
  • 4 Living Locket ®Faces
  • 2 Living Locket® Bases
  • 1 In{script}ions™ Base
  • 1 Twist Over-the-Heart Locket
  • 1 Wrap Bracelet Living Locket® Base
  • 3 Assorted Chains
  • 1 Leather Wrap Bracelet
  • 2 In{script}ions™ Plates
  • 1 Plate
  • 1 Window Plate
  • 1 Earrings
  • 3 Dangles

Tools for Success:

  • 20 Take Out Menus (our catalog)
  • 1 Getting Started Guide
  • 1 Soar to Success Flyer
  • 5 Opportunity Brochures
  • 1 Getting Started Flyer
  • 10 Hostess Rewards Rack Cards
  • 25 Order Forms
  • 12 Thank You Cards + Envelopes
  • 25 Postcard Invitations
  • O2 Bundle – trial period

Business Supplies:

  • 5 Glass Votives (For Holding Charms)
  • 1 Charm Tray
  • 3 Pairs Of Charm Tweezers (For Selecting Charms)
  • 6 Linen Bags
  • 4 Fortune Cookies (For Packaging Lockets)
  • 6 To Go Boxes
  • 1 Origami Owl Sign

Origami Owl

Can you earn your kit? No

Can you earn trips, vehicles, vacations, etc? Yes

Are websites offered? Yes

Can customers order online? Yes

Are there any advertising restrictions? Yes. Must use company approved images for advertising.




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