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Vessel Scents of Style


Contact Name: Karen Carter / Susan Harward

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Telephone Number: 888-966-8775

Fax Number: 801-489-9451

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Vessel revolutionizes the way women shop for jewelry and fragrance. Merging fragrance and jewelry into custom accessory pieces, Vessel creates the fusion of scent and style. Vessel is a direct sales, home party company built to empower women and give them an opportunity to love their work while building a successful future for themselves.

Vessel offers high-quality jewelry items such as chains, lockets, charms, ribbon and cord necklaces and accessories. Our one-of-a-kind, patent-pending scent system combines beautiful lockets with unique ScentSpheres®. Perfume is infused into the ScentSpheres, which are then placed into the lockets. The fragrance will last for several days, after which new scent vessels can be used with the perfume of your choice.

Vessel’s range of chains, lockets and scented inserts are interchangeable for truly customized pieces. Every locket or charm can be attached to any chain, and each locket can be filled with our proprietary ScentSpheres infused with a choice of tantalizing fragrance that suites each individual perfectly. Create a casual style with a fresh scent and fun jewelry selection, a formal style with a more intense fragrance and elegant jewelry piece, or anything in between.

Products offered: ScentSpheres, custom-designed lockets, chains, ribbon/cord necklaces, hair accessories, pet lockets, charms

Commission Structure: 30-40% Retail Commission paid from very first sale, as well as a generous compensation plan that rewards Stylists for building their business the right way.

Another exciting and unique opportunity with Vessel is that you can still become a member of our Founder’s Club, a potential that established companies can’t offer. How many times have you wished you could have been one of the early joiners in a fabulous company? Well, here’s your chance! Anyone who signs up with Vessel by December 31, 2014 will have the opportunity to become a member of the Founder’s Club. See how YOU can be a Founder’s Club Member here.

Cost to join: $99, plus shipping

Stylist Kit Contents:

  • One locket and chain set
  • 1 set of fragranced ScentSpheres
  • 12 jars of “dry” ScentSpheres in various colors/shapes/designs
  • Business materials

The Stylist Kit also comes in an “unscented” version, which is great for those desiring to use their own perfume or essential oils:

  • One locket and chain set
  • 1 set of empty jars
  • 12 jars of “dry” ScentSpheres in various colors/shapes/designs
  • Business materials

In addition, new Stylists can choose between two optional Product Packs, which come with full PSV and Team-Building bonuses:

  • Business Basic – $100 ($200 Retail Value): 3 lockets, 3 chains, 3 charms, 1 ribbon/cord necklace, 1 flower, 6 additional sets of ScentSpheres
  • Business Builder – $300 ($600 Retail Value): 6 lockets, 6 chains, 2 pet lockets, 1 locket earrings, 6 charms, 12 birthstone charms, 1 ribbon/cord necklace, 1 ribbon necklace, 1 cord necklace, 3 flowers, 20 additional ScentSpheres sets (with the Stylist Kit, this represents our full line of ScentSpheres.)

Year Company Launched: 2013

Monthly minimums: No monthly minimums to receive the Retail Commission. $300 PV to participate in the full compensation plan

How often are catalogs released? TBD

Can you earn your kit? Yes

Can you earn trips, vehicles, vacations, etc? Yes

Are websites offered? In the future

Can customers order online? Yes

Are there any advertising restrictions? Yes, some advertising venues are restricted; any banners or signage need corporate approval; requirements to not alter logo, etc.

What is the cost of supplies? various, but minimal


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