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Kalypso TwistZ

“Xpress” Yourself with Kalypso TwistZ Interchangeable Jewelry
What Is Kalypso TwistZ
Interchangeable Jewelry?

Kalypso TwistZ Jewelry is an elegant, interchangeable concept in Jewelry design. It is where your own creativity makes YOUR perfect piece of jewelry! For YOU! Made of the finest non tarnish 925 Sterling Silver, our Jewelry features a precision aligning mechanism so you get many gorgeous looks from one piece of jewelry.
It is about how you feel knowing YOU are in charge. It is great to know YOU can match your jewelry to the color you are wearing! Wear your jewelry to match any occasion. Elegant in the morning to WOW at night!
Kalypso TwistZ product line consists of several .925 Sterling Silver ring Bases, 2 Bangles, 2 Pendants, and Earring bases. Each base allows interchangeability between each other to choose the look that best expresses your mood for the day. Currently there are over 100 Xpressions to choose from with new designs being designed and introduced quarterly.
The Xpressions are set in .925 Sterling Silver with stones made from Quartz, Topaz, Onyx, Mother of Pearl, Abalone, Czech Crystal and more. The company has created affordable packages starting at just $59 to help our customers start their collection of Exquisite Kalypso TwistZ jewelry. You will LOVE the concept of Kalypso TwistZ.
Not only does the quality supersede other party plan jewelry, but it also becomes an heirloom to pass along generation to generation at an affordable price.
How it works: 
This fantastic company consists of the highest quality of 925 Sterling Silver, interchangeable jewelry, using a variety of rings, pendants, bangles and earrings that allow interchangeability by simply choosing a topper called an “Xpression.”
With the warranted fastening system, you simply twist and lock it into place. It is Invigorating and therapeutic, bright and full of color. You can create thousands of looks with all the different styles to help you “Xpress” yourself!

World Renowned Fenton Glass Collection 
Kalypso TwistZ is the first direct sales jewelry company to ever partner with the World Renowned Fenton Glass company located in West Virginia. With Fenton Glass, we have created the most exquisite, one of a kind beads to accommodate all types of jewelry lovers! Including the “Pandora” Lover. All Beads are hand made, and can be personalized for that special someone with your name, or phrase of choice.


Joining Kalypso TwistZ
Not only will you love what you do, you will show off amazing jewelry that will practically sell itself with fun and laughter along the way. You will be compensated and rewarded unlike any other party plan in the industry.
So here we are….a warm welcome to you! We hope you’ll take advantage of this fantastic opportunity we offer to build your own exciting jewelry business! You can also say that much of your product is “made in the USA!”
The corporate leaders at Kalypso TwistZ have over 30 years’ experience in party plan, and have come up with an uncomplicated, competitive compensation plan, and hostess program.
With Kalypso TwistZ an Advisor starts out at 30% commission on the retail sales of each Jewelry Therapy Session with Personal Sales incentives to achieve up to 50% on their own sales. Their personal cost is between 40-50%, and they can earn 10% on their first 2 recruits with commissions paid ALL levels down.
Kalypso TwistZ does not charge any monthly fees, doesn’t require you to own your own merchant account, Advisor online ordering system, 2014 Trip incentive to Aruba, and Kalypso TwistZ provides you with all the training necessary to make a successful business.
The Hostess program does not come out of your commissions, it is Company Paid! You have the opportunity to be a founder with Kalypso TwistZ and quickly have financial freedom.
Currently Kalypso TwistZ is in its pre-launch and has less than 50 advisors nationwide. Kalypso TwistZ is currently looking for Sales & Team Leaders nationwide to help build this incredible company.
Kalypso TwistZ Kit Options: 
Kalypso TwistZ offers SEVERAL Start-up Packages that are heavily discounted up to 75% Off the retail to help a new advisor start her business.
  • $29 Discount Package: This package allows an advisor the flexibility to join Kalypso without having to purchase a pre-packaged kit. The advisor will have the option to pick out the pieces she wants to wear and sell at a 40-50% discount.
  • $99 Starter Package: This package is for an advisor who wants to try it and see if she likes it. It is a small sampler of jewelry that she can wear, and promote while she builds her business.
  • $199 Bronze Package: This package is for the advisor who is on a budget but would like a nice selection to get enough items to hold sessions and build up her product line slowly.
  • $299 Platinum Package: This package is for the advisor who is ready to start holding Jewelry Therapy Sessions with a nice selection of Kalypso TwistZ best sellers. It includes the paperwork necessary to be successful, including sizer’s and more.
  • $499 Diamond Package: This is the package for the advisor who wants to have a selection of all products. This package is the best selection out of all the packages because the advisor receives over $1950 in retail product. A 75% discount!
  • Add on Packages: when an advisor chooses any of the startup packages, they may choose to add on the entire Kalypso TwistZ product line for 50% off. Ask about this when you chat with a Kalypso TwistZ Advisor.
If you love fine jewelry and want to help men and women worldwide change their lives with financial freedom, then we invite you to join the Kalypso TwistZ team. By joining Kalypso TwistZ, you are taking advantage of a ground floor Opportunity of a Lifetime!  
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