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Listings offered on our WebSite:

Website Top Banner Ads - $50/month – none available – EXCLUSIVE - AUTO SUBSCRIPTION

Website Sidebar Button Ads – $120/6 months, $200/12 months - EXCLUSIVE -AUTO SUBSCRIPTION

Website Search by Company Listing - $81/6 months, $150/12 months - EXCLUSIVE -AUTO SUBSCRIPTION

Website Business Opportunities Listing – $35/6 months, $65/12 months - EXCLUSIVE -AUTO SUBSCRIPTION

Website Ground Floor Opportunities Listing $25/6 months, $45/12 months – EXCLUSIVE -AUTO SUBSCRIPTION

Please do not submit if your company has been in business
more than 2 years. Your ad will be denied.

Website Search by Category Listing – $20/6 months - AUTO SUBSCRIPTION Each additional category: $5

Website Featured Spotlight - Promote your business on our Main Page for 1 full week, PLUS be featured in the newsletter on Tuesday when your listing goes live. Discount applied automatically when you purchase more than 1 spot!

Website State Listings - $20/6 months per state - EXCLUSIVE -AUTO SUBSCRIPTION

Website Top 20 Reps - $35/2 months – EXCLUSIVE -1 rep per company for each round

Ads offered which go to our Newsletter Readers:
Newsletter Ads Click for available ads and pricing

Solo Ad Email Blast $45/1, discount applied for multiple ads purchased

Create your OWN package deal by clicking the link below:


Please read over our privacy policy and advertising terms and conditions before submitting your order. Thank you.

Our Privacy Policy: We respect your right to privacy. Your information will never be sold or shared and no spam.

We reserve the right to refuse any business opportunity or website we feel is unacceptable to our visitors, or which we deem to not be a party plan company. We reserve the right to accept or reject any advertiser without recourse.

Payment Policy:

If the listing(s) you wish to purchase says AUTO SUBSCRIPTION, this means you will be billed automatically by PayPal when your subscription is due. If you do not want to continue your subscription, you MUST cancel it within your PayPal account.

Before submitting payment for any listing, please check the listings to see if your company is available in the category you would like. If you are not sure, contact us directly to see what is available for your company.

You can pay with any major credit card without a PayPal account, or you can sign up for a FREE PayPal account and use your checking account.

When you purchase any Party Plan Company ad that says AUTOMATIC SUBSCRIPTION, this means you will be billed automatically by PayPal when your subscription is due. If you do not want to continue your subscription, you MUST cancel it within your PayPal account by logging into your PayPal account and choosing “Cancel Subscription” through your original payment setup. This must be done before the date your payment is due. Once a payment has been made through your subscription, it will not be refunded.

Although we appreciate notification by you that you are canceling your subscription, this does not mean it has been cancelled. You must cancel it through your own PayPal account.

You can save money by purchasing at the yearly rates shown. We also offer even better deals if you purchase a campaign. Contact us directly to receive a personalized package quote.

For all advertising offered on our website, in our newsletter or in a solo ad, once payment has been made there will be no refunds. Advertising spots are reserved ONLY when payment is received in our PayPal account, not before. If someone else pays for the ad spot you desired before you pay, it is theirs.

No Refund Policy: Because we are providing an advertising service to you, our customers, no refunds for advertising will be given.

When you click the subscribe/submit button, you, the buyer, are indicating that you have read, accepted, and fully understand the terms and conditions outlined, which includes a zero refund policy.

Please note that online ads do not show automatically upon purchase, they must be approved by administration. Once your ad has been approved, payment received and your information and images have been received, your new online listing(s) will be put online within 2 business days on our site as well as on our facebook fan page, which you can see here:

If you ordered newsletter ads, featured spotlights, or solo ads, you will be contacted to schedule your ads.

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