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Photo of BrandWave Design
BrandWave Design Contact: Theresa Strickland
Work Phone: 415-848-8831 Cell Phone: 415-706-5939 Website: BrandWave Design

The BrandWave vision is to bring design into everyone’s home. In order to execute our vision, we have developed an in-home design makeover experience for you and your guests. We’ve made it easy for you by thinking through each step necessary to become a BrandWave Designer.

Your minimal investment offers you a library of “how-to” videos, an exclusive mobile application that will help your clients visualize BrandWave merchandise in their own home, an easy swipe credit card processor, a portfolio to carry the four current trends, and an exclusive designer bag, equipped with fabric swatches from our entire product line.

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Photo of Color By Amber
Color By Amber Contact: Kiki Vogel

Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Just That…

How many companies have you joined, hoping you have finally found the right one?
How long have you been looking for a product line that is truly unique, environmentally smart, priced competitively, and something that will work for many?
Are you ready to join a team of people that will support & train you, helping you reach a level of success that YOU want, with no pressure to reach for something you don’t? (Because the dream YOU are looking to fulfill may be different from someone else, and that is a great thing!)

Welcome to Color by Amber!

We offer a fresh, new opportunity that will enable YOU to reach for YOUR dreams.

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Photo of Damsel in Defense
Damsel in Defense Contact: Erica Griffith
Work Phone: 360-421-4871 Website:

Our mission is to Equip, Empower, and Educate women to protect themselves with our safe and sassy personal protection products.

Are you passionate about safety and empowering women?

We are looking for Independent Damsel Pros to get our products into the hands of unarmed women.

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Photo of Dove Chocolate Discoveries Independent Chocolatier
Dove Chocolate Discoveries Independent Chocolatier Contact: Kathy Jones
Work Phone: 336-408-6531 Website:

I turned my passion for chocolate into a business and life has never been sweeter! My DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES™ business allows me to do something I love and make money doing it.

Plus, I get to meet so many fellow chocolate lovers. People can’t wait to taste it, try it and buy it for themselves, friends and family. If you’re passionate about chocolate, then make it your business, too!

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Photo of Endless Xpressions
Endless Xpressions Contact: Karna Wagner, Xpressionista
Cell Phone: 402-659-3039 Website:

Love Fashion?

Join an Amazing GROUND FLOOR Opportunity with an EASY to sell product line!

At Endless Xpressions we carry a HUGE selection of Lockets, Charms, Leggings, Scarves, Boots, Jewelry, Handbags, Personalized Items and So Much More!

Earn 30% Commission on your personal sales via your FREE website, person-to-person sales, home parties, vendor shows or however you choose to sell!

Build a downline and EARN 5% on your 1st level sales and 3% on your 2nd level! AND a No Quarterly Quota! Only a no minimum monthly purchase or sale! NO Kit to Buy!

We are just getting started…Join and Grow with me for ONLY $10!

Questions? Contact Me!

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Photo of Gold Canyon
Gold Canyon Contact: Tricia Metz
Work Phone: 815-742-4551 Website:

Gold Canyon is about empowering others! GC is a ground floor opportunity!

Browse my site any time, I am always open to questions. Not only do we have our main line of candles, we have many wickless items, warmers with no mess or light bulbs & on timers of 4, 8 & 12 hours.

GC has the most lucrative fundraising program for anyone that needs to raise $! If you have interest in anything we offer, call or email me. I would be happy to help you on your journey.

Did I mention that just 1 of our two wick candles will permeate 2-4 rooms of your home & that our candles DO NOT tunnel? Made in the USA too!

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Photo of Henkaa
Henkaa Contact: Sonia Dong
Work Phone: 888-943-6522 – use U.S. – option 1 Website:

Henkaa is a brand new direct selling company launched in the US after several successful years of retail in Canada.

Our versatile line of ConvertiStyle™ products help women do more with less looking elegant comfortably with infinite styling options.

We are currently looking for founding Stylists to join our team of fashion minded women who embrace change and want to help other women feel and look beautiful on their own terms.


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Photo of Kalypso Twistz
Kalypso Twistz Contact: Nancy Kruse
Work Phone: 800-273-1062 Cell Phone: 810-499-2556 Work Fax: 855-387-4671 Website:

This Ground Floor Opportunity is the first interchangeable jewelry company in the direct sales industry to use 925 Sterling Silver and Genuine Gemstones along with the highest of quality Czech Crystal.

This patent pending new concept of interchangeability allows you to choose from several rings, pendants, earrings, and bangle bracelets to create your own unique look with hundreds of tops called Xpressions that TWIST into place!

Kalypso TwistZ also can cater to the “Pandora” lovers by being the FIRST company to partner with the world renowned Fenton Glass Company to create an exclusive “Fenton by Kalypso TwistZ” Collection of hand made beads that can also be personalized to create a heirloom piece of jewelry!

Kalypso TwistZ not only offers one of the highest paid host rewards programs, but one of the highest paid compensation plans in the jewelry industry. Several States and Provinces still available for Founding Jewelry Therapists.

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Photo of Keep-Collective
Keep-Collective Contact: Lisa Stroup
Work Phone: 412-608-8311 Website:

I am a founding independent designer for a new company: Keep-Collective! which launched 1/29/15!

Great opportunity to start in a company at ground level! I’m looking to build a fantastic team!

We have jewelry that can be custom made to express & say just about anything you want! Personalize your piece with slide charms to make a one of a kind gift or statement!

Endless earning potential with bonuses and trips! Be one of the first reps in your area to build a team from the ground up or just shop and create that one of a kind gift for someone special. Want it FREE? How about an “online” Social party!

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Photo of Lulu Avenue
Lulu Avenue Contact: Hayley Holmes
Work Phone: 603-674-7787 Website:

Join a GROUND FLOOR opportunity!

As an independent style advisor with Lulu Avenue, you will receive the tools, training, and product needed for you to create your own successful business. Develop a part-time income or a full-time career. Our outstanding customer service, latest technologies and stunning jewelry, combine for a unique experience and career.

Join for only $199!

Lulu Avenue trunk shows are fun, relaxed, unstructured social events. You get to share the Lulu Avenue collection with guests, while your show hostess will earn free jewelry. No inventory or delivery responsibility!

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Photo of Magnolia and Vine
Magnolia and Vine Contact: Jen Reese
Cell Phone: 440-954-1188 Website:

Magnolia and Vine launched 2/16/15 and expects to shatter growth records in the direct sales industry. The best thing about selling Magnolia and Vine is that the product essentially sells itself with its quality, look, and reasonable price.

Our concept is incredible! One simple snap change can transform your jewelry. There are lots of base choices including purses and sunglasses. Did I mention we have over 270 snaps too!!

Don’t miss out on this truly incredible opportunity!!!!

Start your business for only $199. E-mail or call me with questions. Join TODAY by visiting my website.

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Photo of Mary & Martha
Mary & Martha Contact: Kimberly Dunifin
Work Phone: 574-281-2423 Website:

Loving God and loving others. That’s what Mary & Martha is all about. Empowering women like you to share their faith and make a real difference in people’s lives.

As a consultant you begin by earning 25-30% of your personal sales. You also have the opportunity to earn even more as you build a team.

If you are interested in hosting a home, catalog or online party or would like to find out what Mary & Martha can offer you, please visit my website or contact me. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Have a blessed day!

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Photo of Pampered Chef
Pampered Chef Contact: Sarah Burich
Work Phone: 949-296-5547 Website:

My name is Sarah Burich! I have been with Pampered Chef for just a little time now and have loved every minute of it. I get to show off my passion for cooking and enjoy all the benefits!!

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Photo of Scentsy - The TPS Family, an Independent Star Director Team
Scentsy - The TPS Family, an Independent Star Director Team Contact: Edie Anne
Work Phone: 207-398-4104 Website:

As a Direct Sales Entrepreneur, I’ve been coaching people for over 7 years by bringing techniques & skills to help build a strong business.

We are providing people around the world with a basis for change in their lives. By joining forces with other like minded people, we can provide a catalyst for change & abundance.

Being a Scentsy Consultant is more than just selling fragrance products & candles, it’s a way of life, a better life. Joining is easy, sharing is easy & the happiness that follows is priceless.

It’s about taking the opportunity when it is handed to you. So take it!!

Please mention Party Plan Companies when you call or email me.

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Photo of Simply Aroma
Simply Aroma Contact: Nicole Clemons
Work Phone: 814-496-9935 Website:

Simply Aroma is an essential oil party-plan company. We provide remarkable ground floor opportunities for those who love quality products and an exciting way to earn an extra income.

Simply Aroma also provides training filled with resources and information, all designed to help you grow. So hurry up and be the first in your area to use and introduce the Simply Aroma products and business opportunities.

Sell a product that is unlike all others and 100% pure natural essential oil. We strive to always achieve the best product possible.

Free new Consultant Kit for only $20 shipping ($170 value)

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Photo of South Hill Designs
South Hill Designs Contact: Audrey Duguid
Work Phone: 780-416-8169 Website:

Share your story with South Hill Designs.

Our customizable lockets and charms help you show the world who and what is important to you. In addition to our stunning lockets and charms we offer a full line of gorgeous jewelry – bar necklaces, bangle bracelets, earrings, locket rings, leather wrap and crystal wrap bracelets.

Our designers make sure that we are always right on trend; so that no matter what fashion is in season, you will be able accessorize your outfit with South Hill Designs jewelry.

Join my successful team today and you will join a group of motivated, supportive and amazing women who are changing lives! Let me help you make your dreams come true!

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Photo of Touchstone Crystal
Touchstone Crystal Contact: Jeannie Kerbler
Work Phone: 614-402-5120 Website:

Swarovski crystal transforms everything it touches, lifting it out of the ordinary, making Swarovski a staple on the red carpet and the preferred partner of the world’s most famous fashion houses for over a century.

Swarovski’s rich heritage of craftsmanship, creativity and innovation ensures that the quality, cut and finish of every crystal is second to none.

Touchstone Crystal BY Swarovski is a fun, social shopping business allowing you to transform your income and your life with a fashion powerhouse behind you.

I could not be any happier being a part of such an incredible company!

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Photo of Velata
Velata Contact: Lisa Pattan

Velata helps families turn minutes into precious moments. Our goal is to help you and your loved ones slow down and enjoy each other as you enjoy food together — and turn meals and parties into cherished memories.

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Photo of Wildtree
Wildtree Contact: Dawn Shea
Work Phone: 317.640.1846 Website:

How would it feel to be in the kitchen for less time while putting high quality meals and snacks on the table? With Wildtree’s line of Dinner “enhancers,” desserts, mixes, dips, oils and spices you can cut your time in the kitchen, and have more meaningful meals and snacks that are: All natural, quick, GMO-Free, yummy, organic, simple, economical,  yummy, and produced in a peanut-free facility. We also offer gluten free goodies. (Did I mention yummy?)

Oh my gosh, can you make that again,” “Is there any more?” and my favorite, “Is that Wildtree? It doesn’t taste good for me!” are just a few of the things I hear around the table now. While Wildtree values being “healthy,”we also understand that the people you love should love what they’re eating! What good is putting a healthy meal on the table if no one wants to eat it?

If you would rather have un-medicated dental work then spend time cooking – Great news! Most Wildtree meals and snacks can be ready with fewer than 5 ingredients with less then 20 minutes of prep time. If you LOVE to cook, Wildtree lets you live your passion by giving a great all natural foundation to create your next culinary masterpiece.

However you feel about cooking, you can feel great about cooking with Wildtree!

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Photo of younique
younique Contact: Rebecca Mathias
Work Phone: 304-822-7309 Website:

Naturally Based Cosmetics & Skincare
Only $99 to start your business
Receive an amazing kit of makeup, including the 3D fiber lash mascara!!
Free Website Forever
Payout on your commission within 3 hours!
20% commission on ALL orders, including yours, until you hit $1000 in sales
Then, your commission goes up to 25%. At higher levels, your commission will go up to 30%
To remain ‘active’ you only have to sell $125 every 3 months
You get paid DAILY, no in home parties (unless you like), a cell phone or a computer is ALL you need to run your business!

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