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Photo of Color By Amber
Color By Amber Contact: Kiki Vogel

Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Just That…

How many companies have you joined, hoping you have finally found the right one?
How long have you been looking for a product line that is truly unique, environmentally smart, priced competitively, and something that will work for many?
Are you ready to join a team of people that will support & train you, helping you reach a level of success that YOU want, with no pressure to reach for something you don’t? (Because the dream YOU are looking to fulfill may be different from someone else, and that is a great thing!)

Welcome to Color by Amber!

We offer a fresh, new opportunity that will enable YOU to reach for YOUR dreams.

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Photo of Damsel in Defense
Damsel in Defense Contact: Erica Griffith
Work Phone: 360-421-4871 Website:

Our mission is to Equip, Empower, and Educate women to protect themselves with our safe and sassy personal protection products.

Are you passionate about safety and empowering women?

We are looking for Independent Damsel Pros to get our products into the hands of unarmed women.

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Photo of Initials Inc.
Initials Inc. Contact: Linda Knott
Work Phone: 443.865.1978 Website:

Initials Inc. is one of America’s Fastest Growing Companies (as ranked by INC Magazine).

An Initials Inc. business means you set your schedule to work around your family, while earning income from home, selling on-trend handbags and home organization products.

Join our team today for only $149 and start earning right away. You will have a team of Creative Partners to help you on your journey.

Work your business on your time schedule, family and even a full time job. This is coming from a full time employee, mother and grandmother.

Initials Inc. were PERSONALIZATION IS FREE…..always!

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Photo of Kalypso TwistZ Jewelry
Kalypso TwistZ Jewelry Contact: Raylene Davis
Work Phone: (909) 529-0667 Website:

We are a unique, interchangeable jewelry, direct sales company. Our gems consist of Topaz, Quartz, Czech Crystal, Onyx, Mother of Pearl and more… Set in 925 Sterling Silver!

Our pieces are Patented and trademarked with a precision aligning mechanism.

We have also partnered with Fenton Art Glass USA.

We have something special for everyone:

  • FOR OUR CUSTOMERS: High quality jewelry with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • FOR OUR HOSTESS: Rewards, discounts & monthly specials.
  • FOR EVERYONE: The opportunity to receive the highest paid commissions in the home party plan industry as an advisor.
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Photo of Keep-Collective
Keep-Collective Contact: Julie Wittke-Smits


We believe every life is worth celebrating. Living happy comes from delighting in the small things, focusing on the big things, and keeping faith in what truly matters. Join us, and KEEP what you love close at hand.

You’re a keeper!

Become a keep designer

She’s a business owner, a storyteller, and an authentic community connector. She is creative and soulful. She finds happiness by bringing happiness to others.

She earns commission selling one-of-a-kind jewelry in person and through online socials, and she creates a community where everyone can celebrate their life stories.

And she could be YOU.

Please mention my Designer ID# 200009457 when you sign up!

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Photo of Mary Kay
Mary Kay Contact: Beatriz E Aguirre
Work Phone: 281-301-8884 Website:

Mary Kay Co is an awesome direct sales industry.

If you’re looking for great quality service & products Mary Kay is your store.

100% satisfaction guarantee & Good Housekeeping Seal!

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Photo of Origami Owl
Origami Owl Contact: Channie MccCaffey
Work Phone: 334-596-1032 Website:

Origami Owl is a new company that specializes in Living Lockets. It’s custom jewelry with a very unique twist. You create beautiful, customized jewelry which tells your life story.

Living Lockets are an extension of you – because each and every one is custom designed to tell a story of your life, of what’s important to you.

Starting your own Origami Owl is an amazing, exclusive opportunity to sell our wonderful product line. Want more information? I’d absolutely love to hear from you! Send me an e-mail to


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Photo of Pink Zebra
Pink Zebra Contact: Amy Rose
Work Phone: 405-714-5553 Website:

Pink Zebra is a NEW home fragrance company with unique soft soy Sprinkles you can mix! Our Sprinkles last 30% longer than average waxes or cubes!

Are you looking for a work at home opportunity?

You could be the first consultant in your area when you join this ground floor company!

Contact me today for more info!

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Photo of Scentsy Independent SuperStar Director
Scentsy Independent SuperStar Director Contact: Diane Drayer
Work Phone: 816-786-1564 Website:

Scentsy is a great company with fantastic products!

  • Scentsy offers low start-up costs, tons of incentives, and so much more!
  • Great training both live and online.
  • Win/earn free trips!

Be a part of our award winning team and join the many successful women and men who are making the transition from the 9 to 5 commute to a successful home business.

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Photo of Thrive Life
Thrive Life Contact: Marsha Sailer
Work Phone: 585-281-9910 Website:

Thrive Life thinks your foods should work with your lifestyle, not the other way around. They should be delicious, healthy, and the highest quality without meaning big price tags, tedious prep time, or constant trips to the store.

We also provide food rotation and emergency supplies for camping or other events. Thrive Life offers a remarkable opportunity to achieve your financial goals and become more self-reliant, while developing valuable relationships and earning commissions and free products along the way.

What’s even better.. you do it by sharing something everyone loves and needs—FOOD!

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Photo of Touchstone Crystal
Touchstone Crystal Contact: Betsy Bishop
Work Phone: 540-219-3553 Website:

Sparkle everyday with something extraordinary – Touchstone Crystal, owned and operated by fashion icon Swarovski!

I’m looking for leaders and consultants in every state for fast growth, starting today.

I have a successful large national team and am ready to support YOU and your friends wherever you are.

Our $139 starter kit and our GlamPlan incentives for new consultants make immediate success a REALITY for you and those you bring into business with you.

Lifetime warranty, earn 25-40%, up to 9% on your team and a BMW car program, and Swarovski behind you. Contact me now for a phone call!

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Photo of younique
younique Contact: Rebecca Mathias
Work Phone: 304-822-7309 Website:

Naturally Based Cosmetics & Skincare
Only $99 to start your business
Receive an amazing kit of makeup, including the 3D fiber lash mascara and eye brushes!!
Free Website Forever
Payout on your commission within 3 hours!
20% commission on ALL orders, including yours, until you hit $1000 in sales
Then, your commission goes up to 25%. At higher levels, your commission will go up to 30%
To remain ‘active’ you only have to sell $125 every 3 months
You get paid DAILY, no in home parties (unless you like), a cell phone or a computer is ALL you need to run your business!

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