Yourself Expression

Yourself Expression

Contact Name: Shelby Gogulski

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Telephone/Cell Number: 904-238-0757

Fax Number: 904-527-8775

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Yourself Expression, the newest direct sales company that was founded by two kids to help parents pay for private school.  This company is a business established by two young, creative and industrious kids; one of them is a 14-years old girl while the other one is her 9-year old brother.

Yourself Expression was born as a result of a very inspiring story.  During Christmas 2013 Shelby asked for a pair of expensive boots with bows on the back. The parents of course said NO and told Shelby that she could create the same look on her own and make them with designs that she could change out. This is where the interchangeable concept for the company came from.

The kids started selling the bows for boots called Boot Bling to friends and family. As they began earning money, Shelby’s goal was to help her parents pay her expensive tuition fee as she moved up to high school. Within a few months, she established a small business with her young brother, Gordon Gogulski and they became the co-founders of Yourself Expression, a new family friendly direct selling company that is located in Jacksonville, Florida.

Yourself Expression is a company that offers a wide variety of interchangeable accessories from head to toe and even items for the family pets. This company is engaged in selling memory lockets, snaps and poppers, and shoe clips. Established by two young people, Yourself Expression will be an exclusive direct selling company of interchangeable accessories that offers items for everyone in the family. Yourself Expression offers quality products at affordable prices so that no matter the age or income you can afford to look fabulous. It’s about expressing the uniqueness of each one of us.

Products offered: Interchangeable accessories for everyone in the family including the family pet, Memory Lockets, Mini Charms, Design your own look for Disney Bands, Custom Orders for our Snap Jewelry, Flip Flop Clips and Boot Bows, Headbands, Snap Flip Flops and so much more all priced from $3-$22

Q: How do I get started?

A: We have two options to choose from: Our products are like no others and are perfect to sell to all ages. Whether you host an Expression Session in your home, someone else’s,  rent a table at an event or just brag about what you’re wearing, the Snap and Poppers, Memory Lockets and the fun Flip Flop Clips are adored by everyone. Our company is about being YOU in all you do and wear.

No quotas, no minimum, free webpage, paid via Paypal within days of ordering, discount taken off prior to payment, no territories, no down line but new Expressionist referral incentive. Kid created and simple for all ages to understand.

Option 1– Join our family and receive a 50% discount on the first order to fill your own Collector’s Case. We feel that you know your friend’s best so why not fill it with only the things that will sell. You can offer just Snap and Poppers or just Memory Lockets or offer it all. Purchase just the flashy things or just for kids but fill the case to fit the customers you’ll be serving. You can buy what you love for the area you live in. $29 and includes, One Snap item, 2 Poppers, web page listing, 10 brochures and 40% discount on future orders. Expressionist terms still apply.

Option 2– Let us fill your kit for you with all the most popular products for the season. The Collector’s Case is filled with essential business tools and all the latest Memory Lockets, Mini Charms and Snap and Poppers to get you started and familiar with all we have to offer. You also get 50% off your first order to help add to your collection. $99 for the first 100 Expressionists and $129 regular price after that. Also includes web page listing and 40% commission/discount on future orders. Expressionists terms still apply.

Our company is a great way for teens and parents to build a bond while building a business. With our product line we encourage the uniqueness that makes each one of us special. Be yourself with Yourself Expression.

Cost to join: $29-$129

Year Company Launched: 2014

No monthly minimums

How often are catalogs released? Once a year/online sales and vendor shows are a great way to sell.

Business Kit Contents: Depending on the option you choose.

Can you earn your kit? No

Can you earn trips, vehicles, vacations, etc? No

Are websites offered? Yes

Can customers order online? Yes

What is the cost of supplies? Minimal

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