WK Beads

WK Beads

Contact: Wendy Turner, WK Beads
Email: support@wkbeads.com
Phone/Cell: 720-549-0587
Website: www.wkbeads.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WK-Beads-1822099421373819/

WK Beads

Hi I’m Wendy, founder of WK Beads, beading kits for all occasions. I believe that we all have the desire to create and express ourselves. With WK Beads you have the opportunity to create your own unique jewelry using our instructional videos and design kits.WK Beads

Our beading consultant can choose to make and sell finished jewelry or hold beading parties where their clients can make their own creations. We have designs for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. There are no join fees and you don’t have to keep any inventory on hand. You keep 50% of all kit sales and have the option to include your own jewelry designs into your customer catalog.WK Beads

We take care of hostess party gifts for parties of 10 or more and all of our videos a
re free for you to use. You may even hold virtual beading parties, or sell kits to your clients and share our videos with them so they can complete their designs at any time.WK Beads

You do not need to buy any catalogs because our catalog is online and is compatible with smart phones and tablets. If you want printed catalogs you have the option to print them yourself. Advertise beading parties for birthdays, schools, fundraisers, church groups, women’s groups and retirement homes.

WK Beads

Contact us today to become a beading consultant with WK Beads!


Beading/ Jewelry kits for all occasions.


Beading consultants keep 50% of all sales.
We are not an MLM


No cost!






Our consultants are not required to buy a kit, many have used beading supplies they already have. If you would like to buy kits from us to get started, you may. All kits are between $3 and $11 each. Each kit comes with all supplies needed to make that specific design.


All kits are between $3 and $11 each. 

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