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Clarus Power is currently in its soft-launch phase and looking for Ambassadors to help launch a solar and clean energy movement by bringing renewable energy to the masses. Clarus educates communities about the financial and health benefits of solar electricity and empowers them to take action. The Company has an in-house professional solar design team and relationships with multiple top solar providers, so that customers receive exactly what they need at the best price.clarus6

You might be thinking – this doesn’t sound like a party?  It wasn’t … until Co-Founder, President and solar industry veteran, Page Crahan realized that women were being left out of the energy conversation. Yet, a vast majority of women (86-94% depending on what study you want to quote) are responsible for the budgets of their households, and work hard to ensure they are purchasing smart and safe products for their families. Page realized that the party plan business model appealed particularly to women and allowed them to discuss energy choice through fun, social conversations. The motto: you bring your energy bill and we’ll bring the wine.clarus5

“We provide the only simple, fun way to learn about the health, climate and financial benefits of clean energy,” stated Page. “And our party plan social referral program allows people to earn money from our opportunity as well as saving money on their energy bills. We call it ‘doing well by doing good’.”

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While solar electricity can save most people money, compared to conventional energy, Clarus Ambassadors are not expected nor required to actually sell solar electricity. Nor are there any contracts signed at a Clarus mixer.  If attendees are interested in learning more about how solar electricity can specifically benefit them, they are referred to the Clarus Solar Design Team – and the in-house team takes it from there. Ambassadors receive commissions for their referrals that become solar customers and those of their teams.clarus7

Currently, Clarus has Ambassadors in California, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Arizona and South Carolina, and is quickly growing. The Company is planning a high-profile, national media launch later this year that will include some of today’s most influential investors and public personalities.clarus3

“We’d love for you to be part of our team,” Page continued. “Join us and the clean energy movement. Contact me directly at”


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