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MiA Ad Contact: Dawn M. Shea

Email Address: Dawnathome@me.com

Website Address: 

facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mia-Bath-and-Body-By-Dawn/225309804302684

MíA Bath & Body invites you to design your perfect bath & body, and home fragrance experience. We offer products that are not only non-toxic and safe to use but also exactly what you wanted? A product you could customize and personalize and use with confidence.

Our products feature no animal testing, no SLS, no Parabens, and most are Gluten free. Discover your perfect scent by designing it yourself, then name it and personalize your products label. We are currently seeking Hostesses, Stylists and Leaders across the country.

Ask me about our “Founding Leader” program. A rewarding program where our first leaders will have a chance for long term recognition and benefits and also a chance to share in the profit of the company each and every quarter. With just over 300 consultants in the country, and plans in place for exciting growth in the next 12 months, the opportunity is amazing!

We offer 20-35% on personal sales and you’ll enjoy a compensation plan that rewards you for helping others!

Our starter kit is just $197 it’s easy to become a part of the fun!

Now is the perfect part to become a part of the MíA Bath & Body Family. I invite you to learn a little more. Take a moment to email me, and share what you are looking for.

I’d love to help you have more of what you want as a member of our team, and to show you how MíA can help you achieve it. I look forward to connecting with you. www.ScentEvent.net

Products offered: Customizable and personalized bath & body products. You will find all your bath and body needs including bubble bath, sugar scrub, sea salts to soak in, massage oil, body butter, hand lotion, botanical mist, room diffusers and much more!

Our products feature: No animal testing, no SLS, no Parabens, and most are Gluten free. They are non-toxic and fabulous! 

Commission Structure: We offer 25%- 35% on retail sales. There are opportunities to earn trips, bonuses, cash rewards and other prizes. If you choose to build a team, we also offer high commissions on those you sponsor and mentor. Our structure offers a unique plan that allows you to be recognized and rewarded on the help and leadership you have provided on most every level of your downline team. I invite you to contact me to learn more about what MíA can do for you.

Cost to join: $197

Year Company Launched: 2013

Monthly minimums: Based on level.

How often are catalogs released? Twice a year, plus supplements

Business Kit Contents:  

  • Scent oil Testers
  • Order forms
  • Invitations
  • Hostess envelopes
  • Scent recipe guides
  • Scent recipe tester cards
  • Catalogs
  • Opportunity brochures
  • Hostess Brochures
  • Power start brochure
  • Hydrate Body lotion
  • Body Butter
  • Organic Sugar Scrub

Can you earn your kit? No

Can you earn trips, vehicles, vacations, etc? Yes

Are websites offered? Yes

Can customers order online? Yes

Are there any advertising restrictions? Yes. We do not allow the sale of products on auction or classified type websites. There are a few other guidelines, please ask for more information.

What is the cost of supplies? We offer several different business support and logo products which are all very reasonably priced. Our order forms are $8 for 50 and our catalogs are $15 for 25.


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