Advertiser Testimonials

We used you a few years ago for a previous company that unfortunately went out of business, but as soon as we decided to give another network marketing opportunity a try, we knew exactly where we wanted to advertise first! You guys have always provided solid results and have been incredible and responsive to work with! Looking forward to advertising with you for years to come!
Thanks for everything!
Christine Large
Nerium International

Phone/Cell: 410-725-0812

 “Thank You! I just recruited my first consultant by advertising on your website!”

Louie Candelaria
MiA Bath and Body


“I want to thank Party Plan companies for helping me get my new business started!”

Trisha Haas


“I want to first say how wonderful it has been to work with Kristina and the whole crew at Party Plan Companies. I have been using their service for a year now and have really enjoy how helpful and flexible they are.
Kristina has allowed me to develop my business at my pace and advertise as I go. I have gotten some great leads off of Party Plan Companies and would recommend them to anyone look to get the work out there about their business.”

Shaleen Ague
Perfectly Posh

“Party Plan Companies” has taken my Direct Selling Business to a whole new level.  Through their website I have had customers call me from all over the United States.  I love how efficient they are with all the amazing products they have to offer. My business has grown so much from leads that I have reached through their site.  You will definately benifit by listing with them!”

Heather Morse

“Party Plan Companies has been very helpful with my advertising.  Marilyn has been very responsive to my requests for ad changes and answered my questions quickly.  The website is the easiest to search that I have looked at.  It’s very intuitive.  I think people looking for my business will be in for a treat.  I just bet that my sales and my team will increase because of Party Plan Companies.”

Molly Ann Fulkerson
Independent Consultant
For Every Home Distributor


“I have  advertised with Party Plan Companies for several years and have enjoyed a great experience and also sponsored a lot of new Team Members because of their site!  I feel it is one of the BEST sites on the internet to place an advertisement.  Give it a try – I really think you will be very pleased with your results.”

Carole Brown
Signature Home Styles


“Party Plan Companies has offered invaluable marketing for my direct sales business – Willow House.  Kristina and Marilyn are delightful to work with and very responsive to my requests for ad changes or updates.  It is a treat to be featured on such a fun, eye-catching website!  The search format offers such a user-friendly platform for online leads to find just what they’re looking for (my company!) and contact me immediately.  Thanks to this website, I have grown my team, sales and booking leads by using the power of the internet.”

Entertaining the Possible,
Kelly Clark
Willow House Founding Consultant &  Executive Director

“I have had such a wonderful experience working with both Marilyn and Kristina.  They are both very professional and the ads are up quickly.  The customer service we have received is the best! I like the opportunity to be able to create a more personalized ad on the website as opposed to the standard listing.  We use google analytics with our corporate website and Party Plan Companies sends a large amount of referrals to our website with potential team members requesting more information on our opportunity.  We have been seeking Founding Leaders within our company and used the “solo ad” offered, with great results!  I highly recommend Party Plan Companies to anyone wishing to advertise their party plan business. The price is excellent for the service that is received!”

Denise L Snow
Bella Shaye Fine Fashion Jewelry

“Working with Marilyn and Kristina has been wonderful! I have advertised on many different boards, and never got the attention to detail that Marilyn and Kristina have given.  They truly take the time to make sure you get the most from your advertising and make sure your ad is just right.  They are true professionals and I look forward to advertising with them for a long time!!!”

Angela Walker
Booty Parlor Parties

“I have gotten many high-quality business leads from my presence on Party Plan Companies’ website.  Marilyn and Kristina make advertising simple and inexpensive with their ad formats.  Overall this has been a great experience, and one I look forward to continuing.”

Betsey Bishop
Touchstone Crystal


“…I cannot tell you what a pleasure it is to work with you, you are very fast, professional and gave me that special feel.”

Thank you

Anna Craig
Executive Designer/Fundraising Specialist
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Celebrating HOME
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“Tomorrows Successes begin with Today’s Dreams”
Celebrating Home


“Being in direct sales for many years I have worked with a lot of different advertising people and I will tell you Kristina has surpassed all! Her attention to detail; her caring that I have all the right wording, her timely responses has made it very clear that she is a professional! I look forward to working with her again…..I will follow her anywhere.”

Marcella Kvick


“I have advertised with as a rep for two different direct selling companies. I have found that the results of her website were beyond my expectations. I received several inquires regarding the companies I was a rep for and several new team members. The service provided by Kristina was top notch. She helped me with any questions I had and help me problem solve in a very timely and efficient manner. I would recommend her site to anyone wishing to advertise their direct selling business.”

Thank you!


“When we chose to launch our new direct sales division of Cello In a Box Co. we had to make some advertising choices to get the name and good news out into the world. So, we placed ten different advertisements on ten different sites pertaining to work at home and party plan. I have to tell you that the response was double from the advertisement placed on than any other site. I recommend to my representatives and any other out there to make this site your first choice.”

Lonna Weidemann
Founder, Cello In a Box Co.


“I want to THANK YOU! I have gotten more leads from your site than all my other advertisements combined! I want to make sure you let me know when it is time to renew. I don’t want to give up my spot to ANYBODY! I have gotten 3 recruits already from your site! Thanks so much Kristina!”



“I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to advertise on your website! I have received so many leads and a couple have turned into recruits!! Thank you !Thank you ! Thank you!! Well worth the money!!!”

Laurie Thompson
BeautiControl Unit VIP


“Partyplancompanies has been a great investment for my Mary Kay business. I have been receiving leads on a monthly basis, usually 3 or more. I have had some of these leads hold online parties and have had several recruits. I would recommend Partyplancompanies to anyone looking for a great opportunity to promote their business.”

Jennifer Anderson
Independent Senior Beauty Consultant


“We offer a great business opportunity for mothers of young children, but have struggled with the best way to reach our target audience. Party Plan Companies has been a terrific way to get the word out about our company and ground-floor business opportunity. In fact, within only one hour of our ad going live, we already had a new recruit! For any company, new or established, that is looking to get their name out there, this is where you need to be!”

Julie Gordon
Co-Founder, Baby Splendor


“I just want to thank you so much for providing a site like this where people can find valuable information on party plan companies. Since my ad went up, I have received so many leads and at least one sign up already. Well worth the money!!”

Sky’s the Limit Publishing